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Subject: Capstone I
Learning Plan by att1989
Posted 12/13/2015 4:26 PM
Please choose from the following adult learning competencies to answer the question, What will you do?

Increase knowledge in

Develop understanding of . . .

Begin to value . . .

What strategies or tactics will you use meet your learning objective?

Read the chapters pertaining to the literature review process in the Fraenkel textbook as well as look for other outside sources as inspiration for our group facilitation.

Read the sections in our Maxwell textbook pertaining to mixed-methods research design and create PowerPoint slides for our second group presentation.

Will value the perspectives of guest speakers by noting their advice and ideas when they come to speak to our class in regards to the dissertation defense and the writing process.

What is your deadline or timeline for carrying out your strategies/tactics?

September 14th and November 2nd specifically for presentation material. End of semester for value process.

What is the evidence that you indeed did what you said you will do? Remember to share your learning discoveries.

PowerPoint presentations delivered to the class for two separate group presentations.

Collection of notes and materials that were distributed throughout the course timeline.

How will you know it was the right thing to do in order to accomplish your learning objective? How will you judge your evidence? Will someone like an expert, your colleagues, or your teacher judge your evidence? Will you reflect on and judge the usefulness of your learning? If not someone, then what will be your process for validating your evidence?

Positive feedback from course colleagues and professor regarding presentation material.

Active participation from course colleagues during activities related to informative presentations.

More time spent reflecting and planning for future classes as well as the writing process.

Share your discoveries with the community.

Coming into this capstone course I had heard lots of things briefly touched upon in regards to the writing process and committee selection; now I feel as though I can understand the process more clearly. Having to focus on different sections of our textbooks for class presentations helped me to a deeper understanding of the writing and research process. In reading Maxwell's text I was able to see that there is so much more to the interview process than simply coming up with some questions. The ideas of complementarity and expansion along with depth of understanding shows how careful your research design must be in order to ensure that you can get the most powerful results and information possible.

Also, the guests that spoke to our class deserve great credit. Before taking a course like this you may feel like the Ed.D. program is somewhat insulated, but you come to realize that plenty of people on campus can be a great resource for us. Whether it be the library staff, professors outside the school of education, or professors within the school of education that you have not personally taken a course with, or your course colleagues, all can be great resources for help or inspiration in various ways.


Plan Discussion
Hi Matt,
Thank you for sharing your discoveries. I'm happy to read that you found the course helpful in many ways. The whole dissertation process is not something that can be swallowed in one semester--instead, it's bite by bite. I have come to know that you think deeply about material in this program and therefore, you will do very well.
Happy Holidays!
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