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Subject: Dissertation Research and Writing Process
Learning Plan by connielitz
Posted 08/28/2015 12:08 PM
Please choose from the following adult learning competencies to answer the question, What will you do?

Increase knowledge in

Develop understanding of . . .

Acquire skill in . . .

Improve my attitude toward . . .

Begin to value . . .

Develop an interest in . . .

What strategies or tactics will you use meet your learning objective?

Read Textbook.

Increase research methods.

Improve formal writing techniques.

Engage in class discussions and learning activities.

Complete and present the first 3 chapters of my dissertation.

What is your deadline or timeline for carrying out your strategies/tactics?

November 23, 2015

What is the evidence that you indeed did what you said you will do? Remember to share your learning discoveries.

Earn an A in the class, by successfully completing the course requirements.

Attend all classes and participating in all class discussions and activities.

Become comfortable with the whole dissertation process, moving to Capstone 2.

Have a firm dissertation topic that I'm excited to expand upon.

Have a list of three possible dissertation committee members.

Grow in my confidence level going forward in the Ed.D. Program.

How will you know it was the right thing to do in order to accomplish your learning objective? How will you judge your evidence? Will someone like an expert, your colleagues, or your teacher judge your evidence? Will you reflect on and judge the usefulness of your learning? If not someone, then what will be your process for validating your evidence?

Dr. Esenberg will guide me through my learning objectives and provide evidence I have mastered them. Additionally, my course colleagues will provide feedback as evidence as I have accomplished the learning objectives of the course. I will know that I have meet the objectives, by completing quality work with confidence.

Plan Discussion
Hi Connie!
Thank you for using Learn Twist to create a learning plan. You seem comfortable with the concept! At the end of the semester, I will encourage and remind you, if needed, to come back to Learn Twist and share your discoveries!
Very kindly,
by Susan Isenberg - Posted 10/05/2015 10:42 AM - Add author to favorites