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Subject: Capstone I
Learning Plan by allisonbearden
Posted 08/31/2015 3:00 PM
Please choose from the following adult learning competencies to answer the question, What will you do?

Increase knowledge in

Develop understanding of . . .

What strategies or tactics will you use meet your learning objective?

-I have read required texts

-I have participated in class discussions

-I have facilitated a class discussion of the required texts

-I have researched my dissertation topic

What is your deadline or timeline for carrying out your strategies/tactics?

December 2015

What is the evidence that you indeed did what you said you will do? Remember to share your learning discoveries.

-I was able to participate and add to classroom discussions

-I have received colleague and professor feedback

-I have completed my first draft of my prospectus

How will you know it was the right thing to do in order to accomplish your learning objective? How will you judge your evidence? Will someone like an expert, your colleagues, or your teacher judge your evidence? Will you reflect on and judge the usefulness of your learning? If not someone, then what will be your process for validating your evidence?

-My colleagues and teacher were able to judge my evidence of classroom discussion and facilitation

-My boss has validated my dissertation writings

-I have personally reflected

Share your discoveries with the community.

I have completed all of my objectives stated in my learning contract. I feel better prepared and confident in going forward with my dissertation writings, as well as feel I have a better handle one how exactly to lay it out. That is such a relief!

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Hi Allison,
Very good! And, your required assignments will result in my mostly positive feedback, as validation. Thanks!
by Susan Isenberg - Posted 10/05/2015 10:32 AM - Add author to favorites